Young Bucks Interfere In Championship Match, Kenny Omega Retains, Sami Callihan Fired

Will Kenny Omega vs Sami Callihan at Impact Wrestling Slammiversary still be going ahead?

Kenny Omega

Credit: Impact!

At Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida, Moose did his best to take the Impact Wrestling World Title away from Kenny Omega.

After a lot of offence given and taken by both men, referee Brian Hebner gets caught between Moose and Omega and is knocked out, giving the Young Bucks the opportunity to jump in and take down Moose.

A Superkick from both Jacksons followed by a Double Superkick knocked Moose to his knees, which left him prone to the BTE Trigger. The Young Bucks then put Moose up on Omega’s shoulders for the One Winged Angel and the win for Omega.

Post match the lights go out, when they come back on Sami Callihan is in the ring armed with a baseball bat, with which he takes out all three of the members of the Elite that are in the ring. However, Don Callis comes out immediately and tells Callihan ‘I’m your boss, you don’t touch my family.’ Sami ignores him and brings a chair into the ring, to which Callis responds ‘You’re fired!’

The firing now puts into question the title match between Omega and Callihan which is set for TNA Slammiversary on July 17th!

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