WWE’s Liv Morgan Says She Would Love Film Role In Hocus Pocus 2

Liv Morgan wants to follow in Sasha Banks recent forray in to acting, and is eyeing a role originally played by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Liv Morgan

Picture Credit: WWE

Liv Morgan may have her sights on taking the WWE Tag Team Championships with Ruby Riott, but she has other dreams outside of wrestling.

In an interview with The Metro, she has discussed how she would love to be a part of the second Hocus Pocus film.

In particular she’s eyeing up the role of Sarah Sanderson, who was originally played by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Yeah, movies are something I’d love to do, I love horror movies. I love Hocus Pocus – I totally wanna be Sarah Sanderson.

Maybe Sarah Jessica Parker’s reprising her role, I have no idea – but it’s definitely something I’m interested in.

She also discussed the similarities between acting and wrestling.

Whilst acknowledging her only formal acting lessons have been with WWE, she sees how many of the skills are transferable.

It’s all art, you know? Between music and movies, TV shows – there’s always characters, even in music videos.

There’s always inspiration to draw off of – I feel like, almost anywhere! You can get inspired off of anything.

With Sasha Banks recently earning a role in The Mandalorian, it’s no surprise other stars will look into acting whilst wrestling.

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