WWE Taping Schedule Until Summerslam Confirmed

It would seem likely Summerslam will now take place at the Performance Centre, with WWE confirming their taping schedule until the pay-per-view.

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WWE have confirmed what dates they will be taping Raw, Smackdown and NXT in the coming weeks, along with their pay-per-view dates.

Summerslam is confirmed to be taking place on Sunday 23rd August, with NXT TakeOver still scheduled for the night before. At this stage it is not confirmed if these will both take place at the Performance Centre, although it seems likely.

There will be no more tapings from now until 15th July, according to the report by POST Wrestling, with everything until then already in the can.

That date will be an NXT taping, both for that evening and the following week, with the same happening on 29th July and 12th August.

Raw and Smackdown will similarly be taped in two-week batches, except for Smackdown on 17th July (which will be a single taping) and both shows for the week before Summerslam.

The week before Summerslam will be filmed all at once on 17th August, including Raw, Smackdown, 205 Live, Main Event and Raw Talk.

Extreme Rules will still also take place on 19th July.

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