WWE Superstar Aleister Black Teases A Darker Twist Upon Return

Aleister Black has given some insight in to how his character will return when he finally makes his way back to a WWE ring.

Aleister Black

Photo Credit: WWE

Aleister Black posted several images on Instagram which when strung together form an interesting story

There is blood on my shoes, and I understand I have to take accountability in this. But let me tell you a story: See my father was a cruel man, and he was cruel because his father was cruel to him. So I created a narrative that evil was a perspective as means to not be like him. And now I must re-write 4 years of my own history by getting rid of that weakness. The same weakness that caused this betrayal, this is where my accountability ends, and yours starts

Aleister Black – Instagram

The former Tommy End was written off WWE TV earlier this week with an eye gouging attack not unlike what happened to Rey Mysterio. It was reported immediately after the show by Alex McCarthy of TalkSport that Black was being written off by Vince McMahon.

It was reported that Vince liked Black’s ability but felt his gimmick would hold him back.

Could these images be revealing something even darker lurking below the surface? Or is this all a swerve and will the Dutch Destroyer be returning as The Dutch-a-saurus the clog dancing wrestling monster who “loves to have fun”?

Actually don’t tell WWE I said that…

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