WWE Star Paige Banned From Twitch

Former WWE Divas Champion Paige has had her channel banned from Twitch seemingly over issues over the livestreaming of a major Hollywood movie.


Photo: WWE

Amongst the backlash from WWE’s decision to insist on control over their talent’s Twitch channels last year, one of the more vocal critics was former Divas Champion Paige. Eventually, the Brit was one of the few who maintained control of her own channel.

However, that channel has now been banned by Twitch itself, seemingly after falling foul of copyright laws by hosting a live watchalong of the Jim Carrey movie, Dumb And Dumber.

This isn’t the first livestream of a movie that has been hosted on Paige’s channel. In recent weeks she had done similar with the David Bowie starring Labyrinth but her channel remained active after that.

Twitch has very hard line policies regarding the streaming of copyright protected content so taking measures against the channel comes as no surprise. There has been on indication whether the ban is temporary or permanent.

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