WWE SmackDown: Shorty G Makes Unexpected Heel Turn – Attacks Matt Riddle

On last night’s WWE Smackdown, Shorty G made an unexpected heel turn by aligning with King Corbin and attacking Matt Riddle

Shorty G

Last night’s SmackDown was a clear step up from recent weeks.

The show featured several stand out matches as well as clear pushes and progression for a number of talent, most notably Big E who is clearly being set up for a strong path into the main event.

One very interesting segment on the show gave an interesting new wrinkle to a star that many have been shouting deserves more of a spotlight.

As part of his feud with Matt Riddle, King Corbin offered a cash reward to Chad Gable to attack and injure ‘The Original Bro.’

A king’s bounty as Corbin called it.

Corbin tried to entice Gable, AKA Shorty G by offering him opportunities that might come his way if only he had ‘The right friends.’

After Corbin’s win over Drew Gulak, Riddle immediately hit the ring to attack his nemesis.

Before long, Shorty G came out and hit Riddle with a rolling German suplex before leaving with Corbin, signifying the start of a new alliance.

Fans have long clamoured for Gable to be given more of a focus. Following his surprise run to the final of last year’s King Of The Ring tournament, against eventual winner Corbin, it looked like Gable was in line to receive the push his significant talents deserved.

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Instead, he became embroiled in various feuds based on his lack of height and before long he was ludicrously renamed Shorty G and wrestling in what looked like a cheap basketball uniform.

With any luck, this turn will signify the start of something tangible for the former American Alpha member to dig his teeth into.

And please, let’s get rid of that Shorty G name!

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