WWE Reportedly In Talks Over NJPW Partnership

Reports this week suggest that there may have been some relatively recent talks between NJPW and WWE regarding co-operation between the two giants.

WWE & NJPW Logos

While AEW seem determined to open the ‘Forbidden Door’, reports in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter suggest WWE are about to take that door off its hinges, hack it to bits and feed it into a woodchipper.

The WO reports that high level talks have gone on in the recent past between WWE and NJPW over the possibility of WWE acting as the Japanese companies exclusive partner in North America.

The reports go as far as to suggest it is WWE President Nick Khan who has led these talks that seemingly took place just over 12 months ago. If so, that would suggest they are not a response to AEW’s recent relationship with NJPW that has seen talent like Jon Moxley and KENTA appear on one another’s shows.

If a relationship like this was to come to fruition, it would blow a significant hole in AEW’s strategy of acting as the glue to bring the wider wrestling industry together. Their recent cross-promotion with not just NJPW but also Impact Wrestling and the NWA have received a positive reaction from fans, many of whom are anticipating further crossovers in the near future.

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