WWE Reportedly Bans Thigh Slapping

According to reports, WWE have recently banned talent from ‘thigh slapping’ whilst performing super kicks with fines dished out for offenders.

Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler

Credit: WWE

Well, that’s it.

The small chance The Young Bucks ever had of signing with WWE is now well and truly scuppered as WWE have reportedly banned thigh slapping. Now there’s a sentence you would only ever read on a professional wrestling news site…

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter WWE have instigated fines for wrestlers slapping their thigh during superkicks in an effort to make the move sound more impactful.

Credit: AEW

Whilst this has been a staple of wrestling for many years (Shawn Michaels was doing this in 1992!), it has unquestionably been overused in recent years to the point of mockery.

According to the report, a memo was sent to NXT talents last week regarding the ban and a sign was put up at recent TV tapings simply saying ‘No Thigh Slapping’

The question on our lips: How long will it take AEW to parody this on air?

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