WWE Legend Goldberg Labels Roman Reigns ‘A Joke’

WWE Hall Of Famer Goldberg has fired back at Roman Reigns for comments ‘The Big Dog’ made about his ring entrance on Twitter earlier this year.

Roman Reigns & Goldberg

Recently, a new interview has been released with WWE Hall Of Famer, Goldberg, who has some strong words for Roman Reigns.

Speaking to professional strongman Robert Oberst on his YouTube show, Goldberg responded to Reigns’ previously remarks on social media in which he launched a thinly veiled jab at the former WCW Champion for head butting dressing room doors as part of his entrance.

He said:

“Roman … you’re a joke, first of all. Second of all, when he ragged on me about headbutting the doors and stuff, you know, I never really explained my whole thought process on that.”

The former Atlanta Falcon then went on to explain his process behind the act which most recently, drew blood before he even made it to the ring for his match with The Undertaker at ‘Super Showdown’ in SAudi Arabia in June 2019:

“For you guys to get the character that you got, I had to do certain things. Well, one of them was headbutt the door. Right? And that may, on the outside, look like a stupid move, but as I mentioned, we all weigh the positives and negatives. So it’s very positive to make it as violent as humanly possible and as real as humanly possible, and all the negative is you lose a little blood and hey, man, you get another concussion and cut a week off your life.”

This interview comes just a few months after the two were scheduled to clash at WrestleMania 36 for Goldbergs Universal Championship.

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The match was cancelled just a few days before the event when Roman Reigns decided to take a leave of absence from WWE due to risks posed by the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic.

Neither man has been featured on WWE programming since then.

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