WWE Hell In A Cell Match: Roman Reigns Retains On SmackDown

Rey Mysterio brought it all and more in his first ever WWE Hell In A Cell match.

Rey Mysterio vs Roman Reigns

As we reported earlier, Roman Reigns vs. Rey Mysterio was moved from this Sunday’s Hell in a Cell PPV and instead took place on Smackdown making it the first ever Hell in a Cell match to take place on Network TV.

Mysterio started the match by grabbing a chair from under the ring and hitting Reigns with it, followed by spraying a fire extinguisher in the champion’s face. He then attacks Reigns with the extinguisher, followed by a tool box, and puts a chair around the Tribal Chief’s neck and pushes him into the Cell wall.

Reigns tries to retaliate with a Spear but misses and ends up going through a table. He’s not down for long, however, and starts to bring the fight to Mysterio with both men giving it their all. The end of the match comes about after Reigns launches Mysterio from the ring to the steel mesh of the Cell, followed by locking in the Guillotine to get the submission win when Rey taps out.

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After the match Jimmy Uso comes to the ring and raises Romans arm in victory, seemingly acknowledging his cousin as the Tribal Chief. Before Smackdown goes off the air Reigns attacks Mysterio with another Guillotine and drops him to the mat.

The Hell In a Cell go-home edition of SmackDown goes off the air with a chant of “Roman sucks!” around the ThunderDome.

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