WWE Backstage On Fox Cancelled As Weekly Show

According to reports in the US media, Fox have cancelled WWE Backstage as a weekly show and shelved all plans for further production on WWE related content.

CM Punk On WWE Backstage

It has been reported today that Fox has cancelled WWE Backstage as an ongoing weekly show.

Backstage has aired on Fox Sports 1 in the US had aired each Tuesday since SmackDown’s debut on the main Fox channel in September 2019.

Ratings have been weak with an average of around 130,000 for the hour-long show.

Backstage has been most well known for being the vehicle for CM Punk’s first involvement with WWE since he left the company in early 2014. Punk was employed by Fox as a regular contributor to the show’s panel.

Now, US based sports-journalist Jon Alba has reported that Fox has cancelled Backstage as a weekly show and will instead only produce episodes around PPVs and ‘big shows.’

This has reportedly meant the loss of 20 jobs within Fox’s production department as they restructure their business in the wake of plummeting advertising revenues as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

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It is suggested also that any plans for further investment in programming on Fox to build around the WWE brand have been placed on hold or cancelled.

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