WWE Announces Return To Madison Square Garden

WWE have announced that they will make their return to Madison Square Garden soon mere weeks after they resume touring in July.

Madison Square Garden

As WWE gears up for their return to live touring they have announced that they will return to The World’s Most Famous Arena for the first time since 2019 for a live SmackDown broadcast on September 10th.

The news was first reported by The New York Post on who conducted an interview with Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque to promote tickets going on sale next week. The NXT boss said:

“It’s just fitting for us to sort of go back there. For me personally, I almost feel like it’s the stamp at the end of this long, dark hallway we were in of COVID and just everything else.”

WWE has had an arm distance relationship with MSG in recent years. In December 2019 they held a double Raw and SmackDown taping there but that was their first visit for a televised show since 2010. The cost of producing television in the heart of Manhattan was increasingly prohibitive and the company instead concentrated on using Barclays Center in Brooklyn for their New York City visits.

In terms of history, there is simply no more important venue in the folklore of the coming. From the iconic title reign of Bruno Sammartino and his lengthy string of sell outs at the arena, through to the original WrestleMania and beyond through to the iconic Royal Rumble 2000 event and more. The building blocks of WWE were forged in the crucible found in the heart of Manhattan and Levesque agrees judging by his comments:

“Being able to go back to Madison Square Garden, where in many ways it began, WrestleMania and the history there and everything else, it’s just the perfect place,”

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