Was Huge NXT Great American Bash Spoiler A Red Herring?

Yesterday saw the leak of a huge spoiler from next week’s concluding part of the NXT Great American Bash. But could WWE be trying to pull the wool over fans’ eyes?

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Be warned, this article contains potential spoilers for next week’s Great American Bash episode of NXT.

We reported yesterday that one NXT star in the audience had inadvertently posted a spoiler for the main event of next week’s NXT: Great American Bash Part 2.

This post showed Keith Lee holding both the NXT Title and the North American Title aloft as confetti rained down from the roof of the arena.

To be honest, as we were posting it, a little voice in the back of our heads suggested WWE could easily be playing us for fools here.

With the nature of the closed set, what would be to stop them filming the true ending to the match and then posing for a photograph of a false ending to ‘inadvertently’ leak on social media?

What if it was their plan all along to throw the hardcore fans a for a loop by surprising them with a result they are not expected on Wednesday?

It wouldn’t shock us if this were the case.

One NXT talent has already tweeted similar:

EJ Nduka is a Performance Center trainee with a bright future and the Tweet above intimates that there might have been some hijinxs afoot at this week’s tapings while also giving a little receipt for AEW’s ‘sloppy shop’ comment.

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Or, it could be a worthy attempt to cover for his colleague’s horrendous blunder in spoiling arguably the most important match in the history of NXT’s weekly televised shows.

One thing is for certain, we will find out on Wednesday when The Great American Bash night two airs.

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