Update On Alexander Wolfe Leaving WWE & Being Looked After By The Company

Alexander Wolfe has spoken fondly about how his WWE release has been handled, including how they’ve gone the extra mile to help him.

Alexander Wolfe

Credit: WWE

Amongst the raft of wrestlers let go by WWE last week was Alexander Wolfe.

However, it looks like this was not a release as such, but rather his contract was set to expire and WWE chose not to renew it.

Speaking with Gary Cassidy of Inside The Ropes, Wolfe explained that he has effectively been given a month’s notice as his no-compete clause, so he can start working outside WWE the day after his contract expires on 15th June.

WWE told me, “Hey, we will not release you but your contract is up on June 15th, so we will let you run out the contract and then, on June 16th, you’re off to go,” which I really appreciate because I kind of got the 30 day complete a no compete clause, but not really. So they give me the heads up four weeks ahead.

Not only that, but Wolfe was extremely complimentary of how the company have treated him in other ways.

He has commented on them paying for his flight back to Germany, as well as paying out his contract up front.

I have to say, even if a lot of people just spitting venom right now and say, “Yeah, F— WWE,” and everything, so they always take care of the talents and they are even fair enough because I will go back to Germany because I need to because of visa reason, they paid for my flight back. They are very kind in communicating with me just, for example, because of moving reasons, I ask them to pay me out completely out of the contract – that I not get still the weekly salary and they are cool with that. They even asked me if I want to have it.

This is very positive news, especially after the way other WWE talent were treated after their release, in particular ‘binbag-gate’.

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Wolfe will no doubt be a popular commodity on the independent scene, and we now know how quickly he will be able to get back to work.

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