Ultimate X Match Scheduled For Impact Wrestling Slammiversary

The Ultimate X match will return to Impact Wrestling for the first time since 2019, when Josh Alexander defends his X-Division Championship at Slammiversary.

Impact Wrestling Slammiversary

The first contest has been confirmed for Impact Wrestling Slammiversary 2021, and it features the return of the Ultimate X match.

Josh Alexander will defend his X-Division in a six-man contest where the belt will be suspended above the ring.

The winner of the contest will have to climb one of the corner structures and shimmy along the cable to get to the middle of the ring where the belt will be suspended.

In the past Ultimate X matches have had various numbers of competitors in them, with the last one taking place in 2019 featuring five wrestlers and Johnny Impact (Morrison) as the victor.

There are generally only a handful of Ultimate X matches a year, and with two in 2019 there was then a gap back to 2017, so this is a big stipulation for the company to bring back.

Impact Wrestling Slammiversary will take place on Saturday, 17th July and will see fans return of fans to their shows for the first time since the pandemic began.

The show will take place at Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, and will be available worldwide on pay-per-view.

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