Triple H Returns To In-Ring Action vs Randy Orton On WWE RAW

We’ll be honest, we didn’t see that finish coming!

Randy Orton Vs Triple H

Credit: WWE

As announced prior to the show, Triple H returned to RAW and opened up the show, although he was VERY quickly interrupted by the Legend Killer, Randy Orton.

Orton says ‘the office’ decided to show up because WWE Champion Drew McIntyre couldn’t and figures Triple H is here to make an official ruling. He asks Triple H if he’s going to announce him as #30 in the Royal Rumble Match, or if he’s going to cut the B.S. and hand Orton the WWE Title. Triple H says if Orton wants the WWE Title he needs to win the Rumble.

Triple H goes on to say he “doesn’t understand why Orton kicks legends in the head, like Big Show, or threaten and humiliate them like he’s done with Shawn Michaels, Mark Henry, Ric Flair.”

HHH continues that “when you did that it took the pride away and made him look at Orton differently, thinking he’s is not a legend. He’s nothing but a no-good prick.”

Orton says Triple H can call him what he wants but the fact is he’s in his prime, at his peak, and he is a legend. He asks if Triple H still has it in him. Is The Cerebral Assassin, The Game, The King of Kings, still in there? Orton says to find that out he needs Triple H to accept a good old fashioned fight. but Triple H says ‘The answer’s no.’

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Randy then says “Is it just that Stephanie, your wife, isn’t here tonight and you were unable to retrieve your balls from her purse?” Hunter responds with a resounding right hand.

The main event of RAW sees Triple H in his first match in 18 months and his ThunderDome in-ring debut. The match starts as their confrontation earlier ended, with Orton getting knocked down by a big right hand.

After being thrown in to the steps, the barriers at ring side, and the announce table, Orton is put back in the ring as Triple H goes underneath and gets a sledgehammer.

Triple H walks back up the steps but stops as the lights start to go down. Orton looks slightly nervous as more lights go down not long after. Now in the ring, Triple H raises his sledgehammer but almost drops it after seeing it’s on fire. The ThunderDome is now dark apart from the flames.

A pink light fills the arena and Triple H has vanished. A distorted version of The Firefly Funhouse music starts playing, and Alexa Bliss is standing in the corner, staring at Orton.

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As the Legend Killer looks around, Bliss moves forward, gets an evil look in her eyes and shoots a fireball at Orton which causes him to drop to the mat, yelling pain. Orton gets back to his feet clutching his face as RAW goes off the air.

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