Triple H Gives Hints What WWE Look For In Talent And Staff

What do you have to do to make it to WWE? Triple H has discussed what he looks for.

Triple H

At all levels those involved in wrestling want to reach the pinnacle, and for many that would be a WWE dream.

The Sports Business Journal have released quotes from Triple H on what he looks for in new talent, and “charisma is king”.

For us, charisma is king. I’m looking for that person, male or female, that walks into a room and you’re drawn to them. That just has that charisma factor.

He also commented that this doesn’t just mean wrestlers.

It applies to everyone involved up to executive level, as he looks for the hunger needed in a company like WWE.

You’re looking for the people that have the skillset … but it’s funny for me, I’ll take heart and hunger. … They’ll work a lot harder and they might make mistakes, but in those mistakes you’ll find excellence. And they’ll go above and beyond to prove themselves.

So there you have it. If you want to catch the eye of WWE’s Executive Vice President and Global Talent Strategy & Development, that’s what you have to do!

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