The Undertaker Reveals Which Outfit He Regretted During His Career

The Undertaker appeared recently on Corey Graves’ ‘After The Bell’ podcast to explain one of the times he felt he took a mid-step with his character’s image.

The Undertaker

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The legendary Undertaker made an appearance on Corey Graves’ ‘After The Bell’ podcast this past week.

Reflecting on his 30 year WWE career, one topic that the two discussed regrets or missteps for the character.

Clearly with an in ring career that long, there are going to be a number or low points (Concrete Crypt anyone?), but it’s fascinating to hear which moment sprang time ‘Taker’s mind and why:

“I don’t remember what year it was, but it was in The Garden,” Undertaker recalled. “I was working with Mankind, and I came in from the ceiling with kind of bat wings. I kind of regretted that one after the fact.”

It was in fact Survivor Series 1996. The match was The Undertaker’s comeback match after being buried alive a month prior. The match saw the conclusion to the legendary Undertaker/Mankind feud with Paul Bearer suspended above the ring in a shark cage.

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The Deadman made a special entrance that night, descending to the ring in MSG dressed like a gothic Batman. Taker recalls:

“It was just a little too hokey for where I wanted that character to be, but that was my idea. I have to take full responsibility for it. It didn’t work. For the most part, there’s not a whole lot. [I] had pretty good idea of where that character should be most of the time minus the giant bat fleeing from The Garden.”

Whilst it wasn’t the coolest of looks, it did mark the first appearance of the evolved Undertaker character, doing away with the wide-brimmed hat, trench-coat, tie and purple gloves and leg warmers.

Major Return At NXT Tapings (SPOILER)

If we’re talking Undertaker sartorial blunders at Survivor Series, I think we would start with his shiny, gold crocodile print trousers at the 2000 edition of the event.

Come on ‘Taker, what the heck was that all about?

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