Ted DiBiase Makes NXT Debut. New Million Dollar Man To Be Crowned?

Ted DiBiase made an appearance on NXT this week, leading to an unexpected encounter between two young stars.

Ted DiBiase

Credit: WWE

WWE Hall of Famer, “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase, made an appearance on NXT on Tuesday night, for a face off with the newly monied Cameron Grimes.

After their skits in recent weeks, it was a face off the wrestling world had been had been waiting for but it took a surprising turn when Dibiase praised rather than scorned the current NXT star.

Dibiase said:

β€œWho embodies everything the million-dollar man stands for and the million-dollar legacy. Know this, it’s not all about the money or how you can humiliate people with money. Do you know what it’s about Cameron? Performance right here, in-ring performance. And I’m going to tell you, something kid, you’ve got it. But I’m going to tell you, something kid, since you got the money you’ve lost your focus.”

The segment took an unexpected turn with LA Knight coming to break up the pair’s enjoyable back and forth. This led to Knight attacking Grimes, with DiBiase appearing to approve.

LA Knight Vs Cameron Grimes At NXT TakeOver In Your House To Be For Million Dollar Championship

The end of the segment would appear to show Knight and Dibiase working together as both leaving the ring together.

What could this mean for the future of the three on the black and yellow brand? It seems a face turn is imminent for Grimes but what about Knight? Could we see him take on DiBiase as the manager? Could he even be anointed as the new Million Dollar Man? We should find out more on next week’s NXT.

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