Tag Team Breaks Up On WWE Raw. Leading To An Imminent Singles Push?

On this week’s Raw, WWE broke up another tag team, leading to speculation of a singles push for one of the members.

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Credit: WWE

On the May 31st episode of Raw, WWE broke up another tag team after sewing seeds of a singles push for one of its members.

The split took place during a title match pitting Raw Tag Team Champs AJ Styles & Omos against Elias and Jaxson Ryker.

During the match, Ryker went to tag his partner but Elias surprisingly hopped off the apron and abandoned him, leading to the former Forgotten Sons member eating the loss to the champions.

Ryker and Elias had been a team since the former had returned to television in December. Prior to the match, WWE were at pains to highlight Ryker’s status as a veteran of the Iraqi war which suggests they plan to introduce that as a facet of his personality. Could this be leading to a significant face push? Prior booking behaviour suggests this could be the case.

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