WWE SummerSlam 2021 Viewing Parties Info

Please keep your eye on this page as we continue to announce dates, venues and ticket info for our upcoming WWE SummerSlam 2021 viewing parties.

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As we get closer to finally being able to throw live WWE viewing parties once again, we will keep this page updated with the very latest info on dates, venues and ticket information for our SummerSlam viewing parties.

Info For WrestleMania 36 Ticket Holders

It’s been far too long but we finally feel like we are coming to the tail end of this incredibly tough period in our lives and it’s about time we all got together for a big Hooked On Wrestling style party to celebrate things heading back towards normality.
With that in mind, it is time to start looking forward to a WWE SummerSlam Viewing Party!
Obviously we are still a number of weeks away from the event, and the circumstances under which we are launching this are far from normal but I wanted to explain what we are looking to do to get these events up and running and get us all back together to celebrate together as wrestling fans. 
The first thing that’s unusual about SummerSlam is that we don’t yet know the date. Our best estimate is Sunday August 22nd but it could be a week either side of that. We won’t know for sure until mid-June but obviously we want you all to have the first opportunity at confirming your attendance before we go on general sale. 
In terms of cities we are running, we intend to run all the cities we have run previously. We so far have venues confirmed in London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester. We don’t expect any issues with our usual cities but we haven’t been able to confirm them as as our usual contacts have been furloughed. If you’ve attended an event with us previously, expect us to be back in your city or town for SummerSlam. 
In terms of tickets, you are receiving this because you have tickets in place that you did not use for the abandoned WrestleMania 36 events in April 2020. Doesn’t that feel like a lifetime ago? 
As you have these tickets, you essentially have three options on what to do with these: 

  • Use Them For SummerSlam 2021
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You can of course redeem your tickets for SummerSlam. All you need to do is respond to this email to let us know that you want to use your tickets for SummerSlam and we will add you to the attendance list.
No rush to let us know but of course, if a venue reaches capacity then at that point we would not be able to accept any more requests for that venue.
The only thing we ask is that once you state that you want to use your outstanding ticket(s) for SummerSlam, this is then considered a purchase and you would not then be able to amend it for another date later.
The reason for this is mainly so we can be confident on the attendance updates we give to the bars so they can forecast and plan staffing needs. This is more important than ever right now as you will appreciate. If we tell them a figure and then plan accordingly, we don’t want them to then get stuck being over staffed if many of those ticketholders then decide to go at a later date. It wouldn’t be fair to venues that have all been right on the precipice of ruin this past year. 

  • Hold On To Your WrestleMania Ticket For A Later Date
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You’ve no obligation to use your saved over WrestleMania 36 tickets for SummerSlam. We would love to see you but if, for whatever reason, you want to hold on until a later date, no problem. You can use them for any event we run in 2021 or beyond. Just email us to let us know when you want to ‘cash in’ those tickets. 

  • Help Us Get Back On Our Feet By Waiving Your WrestleMania Tickets

This is certainly cheeky on our part mentioning this option but we’ve had numerous kind souls already suggest they want to do this, and the last second cancellation of WrestleMania 36 caused us to rack up significant debt so we’re not too proud to put this out there! 
Put simply, you have the option of simply writing off your WrestleMania 36 tickets and starting off with a clean slate. For a small event company that cannot access event cancellation insurance and ineligible for any COVID-19 financial assistance, the debts wracked up by the WrestleMania 36 cancellation came extremely close to crippling us. Thankfully we were able to just about get through and as we look to rebuild, every single pound counts and anyone able to simply not claim their rearranged ticket and instead simply start afresh for future events helps us get back on an even keel quicker.
Obviously for some people this isn’t practical and we completely understand that but if you can help, we would HUGELY appreciate it.
If you do intend to write off your previous tickets, please simply reply to this email to let us know that’s what you intend to do. 

  • Regulations & Restrictions On The Night 
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With all social distancing regulations set to be lifted in June, we expect to safely operate these events in August as normal. However, if restrictions are put in place that mean we have to limit capacity at venues we will of course do so. 
If capacities are reduced we will operate a ‘first come, first served’ policy. So for instance, if we sell 250 tickets for London but before the event, regulations are put in place to limit us to 150, what we would do in that case would be to refund the last 100 people to purchase. In that scenario, the first 150 to have purchased their tickets will be allowed in. 
We always use oversized venue anyway so even if restrictions are put in place, we are confident that we won’t have to impose reduced capacities but always best to be clear and transparent just in case. 

That is all the info we have right now. We will send weekly updates from now on and we will of course release additional details on venues and ticket purchasing procedure ASAP. We will also be sharing details on our Facebook page and Twitter feed so please follow those for the most up to date info.

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