Steve Austin Discusses Prospect Of Acting Alongside The Rock

Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock reviving their classic rivalry on the big screen? It seems unlikely, but The Rattlesnake would be up for it.

Steve Austin & The Rock

We don’t need to talk about how The Rock has become one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

What we do need to talk about is him bringing back one of the biggest rivalries of the Attitude Era on the big screen.

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin recently discussed on The Pat McAfee Show what it would be like if he were to end up on the same set as ‘The Great One’.

That might mess with his credibility a little bit. He’s worked long and hard, and people forget how long he’s been out there in the acting world now. He’s been out there longer acting than he was in wrestling. He’ll always be known as a wrestler and one of the top entertainers of all time, he’s the biggest movie star in the world.

I think he takes his credibility very serious, and he doesn’t need me to do a buddy flick with him to stay on top being the No. 1 guy. It is what it is. I’m not looking to do that movie by the way, so that’s why.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem likely we’ll get a new incarnation of Austin vs Rock.

However cool it would be, ‘Stone Cold’ just doesn’t see it happening – but would love the chance if it did.

But if The Rock wanted to do that movie, all he’d have to do was say, ‘Hey dude, come up with this.’ Is it gonna happen? No. But people always ask me, and that’s why. It’s the integrity of his career, and he doesn’t need to do it. I wouldn’t press it to do it anyway.

Given how this year has gone, stranger things could happen in 2021! You can see the full interview below.

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