Steve Austin Comments On If His Podcast Will Make A Comeback

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin has compared presenting the Broken Skull Sessions with running his own podcast, and commented on the likelihood of his podcast returning.

Steve Austin

Credit: WWE

Many will be familiar with Steve Austin’s extremely popular Broken Skull Sessions on the WWE Network.

Before these started, ‘Stone Cold’ hosted his own podcast, The Steve Austin Show.

In a recent episode of Wrestling Inc Daily, Austin was asked if he thought the podcast would be confirm and said that he doubts it given how the Broken Skull Sessions are going.

I’m really enjoying the Broken Skull Sessions, mainly because I’m doing maybe one a month. We tape them whenever; if a window of opportunity lands up, we get a guest that we’re looking for. The weekly podcast started getting a little bit in the way and became overbearing, so I just opted out.

It’s no surprise given how in-depth the Broken Skull Sessions go that Austin would choose that as a priority.

He also commented on the amount of work that goes in to producing a single interview, and how it compares to flying solo with a podcast.

I have a full team working with me. During the podcast, it was just me trying to get the show to a producer, who’d put the commercials in. With the Network show, I can do a lot of research to cover a 20- or 30-year career of some of these cats. The show might last only 45 minutes to an hour but there’s a lot of prep that goes into it.

The latest Broken Skull Session was with ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton, and although one hasn’t been confirmed yet for WrestleMania week we can probably expect to see another new one in the near future.

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