Status Of Women’s Title Confirmed On WWE Raw Following Extreme Rules Confusion

The confusion over the status of the WWE Raw Women’s Title following Extreme Rules was cleared up on Raw following an appearance from Stephanie McMahon.

Bayley & Sasha Banks

The Raw Women’s championship was put on the line at WWE’s Extreme Rules event on Sunday when Asuka defended her title against Sasha Banks.

The match ended in confusion when Banks covered the champion with her cohort Bayley counting the pin rather than the assigned referee.

Banks took possession of the belt and declared herself champion, leading to fans speculating on whether a title change had occurred.

The situation was cleared up by none other than Stephanie McMahon who appeared via video-link on Raw to declare that whilst Asuka is still the champion, she must defend her title next week on Raw in a rematch against Banks.

The sting in the tail for that match is that the title can change hands via disqualification or count out as well as by the regular means of pinfall and submission.

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