Sonya Deville: I’ll Be As Big As Charlotte Flair, If Given The Same Opportunities

Sonya chimes in on a hot topic surrounding the women of WWE…

Sonya Deville vs Charlotte Flair

Photo: WWE

WWE star Sonya Deville had some interesting thoughts on the on-screen success of her colleague Charlotte Flair in a recent interview with The Sun.

Deville praised Charlotte’s talent and work ethic while also wondering aloud if the opportunities presented to the women on the roster were even.

Sonya explained:

“Yeah, I mean, it’s a two-fold question because it’s like, does she get opportunities because of who she is? Maybe, but does she deliver every single time? For sure.

I’m the same way where anything you throw at me, I’m going to deliver and I think a lot of the women in the locker room are going to show up every single day if given the opportunities, they’re gonna work their butt off. I am certainly, so you could throw anything at me. If I’m given the same opportunities as Charlotte Flair, I will be as big if not bigger than Charlotte.”

Her quotes touch upon a sentiment echoed by many fans. While there’s no denying how good Charlotte is, it’s hard to argue that she stands head and shoulders above what is currently a very talented roster in WWE.

What do you think? Would you like to see some of Flair’s spotlight and opportunities shared a little more evenly with her peers?

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