Sonya Deville Confirms Desire To Compete For Men’s Title

With constant strides forward being made in professional wrestling, Sonya Deville is clearly trying to push forward with the concept of intergender matches in WWE.

Sonya Deville

The subject of intergender wrestling has been on the rise in wrestling for a long time, especially with Impact Wrestling putting their World Championship on Tessa Blanchard.

Many have raised the question whether WWE will follow suit, although as is always the case it isn’t just going to be a simple move to start booking the matches.

Sonya Deville, in a recent interview with Forbes, has commented that she’d be all for a move towards intergender wrestling, and would happily compete for a male championship.

I’ve always been one for equality, whether it be gender, sexuality, race, religion, I firmly believe that that’s important and that’s part of the progression of the women’s evolution that’s taking place today. I mean, we’re in 2020, I think anything’s possible. And I would love to be one of the first women to kind of pioneer that concept.

As an openly gay wrestler in WWE, Deville has talked in the past of a desire for there to also be LGBTQ storylines.

In this interview it would appear that Stephanie McMahon would also be behind this, and has been a driving force in trying to make it happen.

She’s been a huge part in helping me making all my dreams come to fruition and the inclusivity that I want to see in the company. She kind of has helped forefront that movement and that idea that I’ve had. So I think it’s a matter of when and we want to do it the right way and we want to do it so that the community feels represented and supported in the best possible manner.

Although it has been a different and certainly difficult time for wrestling in the current pandemic, Deville feels that this has been a time that has helped her personally.

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Deville feels that it the fact there have been no fans in attendance has given her the chance to “to be able to kind of reinvent myself” and “do different things”.

By the way wrestling is moving and what Deville has said in the interview, different things could certainly be a way forward for WWE in the near future.

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