Significant Heel Turn Takes Place On WWE Raw

Last night’s WWE Raw saw several developments in storyline up and down the card, including the heel turn of a previously hugely popular former NXT Champion.

WWE Raw logo

Credit: WWE

Aleister Black returned to Raw last night as a guest on the Kevin Owens show. He marked that return with an unexpected attack on KO, signalling a heel turn.

The Dutch superstar has been absent from Raw for several weeks after an attack by Murphy and Seth Rollins left him with a storyline injury to his eye.

Last night’s return, as announced by Owens during SummerSlam, saw Black sporting a protective covering over his injury. After reluctantly playing the footage, at Black’s request, the show’s host was viciously attacked by his brooding guest.

Aleister Black has been in the news recently with reports that Vince McMahon is not a huge fan of the character but in contrast, very impressed with Black’s skills as a performer. These reports inevitably led to rumours of a gimmick tweak or complete repackaging for the man formerly known as Tommy End. This week looks to have been the start of that change.

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