Shane McMahon Returns To WWE Raw To Introduce ‘Raw Underground’

Shane McMahon made his anticipated return to WWE Raw last night to introduce the new Raw Underground concept. But what exactly is this new idea?

WWE Raw Underground Logo

Credit: WWE

The first rule of Raw Undergound – Don’t talk about Raw Underground.

The second rule of Raw Underground? Erm, we’re not actually sure.

It was announced ahead of last night’s Raw that Shane McMahon would be featuring on Raw in what would be his first WWE appearance since October 2019.

Speculation abounded as to what role he would play on the show. Would he lead the promised new faction coming to Raw? Set up a match for SummerSlam? Take over as authority figure?

Well, if you had guessed ‘Set up his very own out of the ring Fight Club concept within Raw’ then you would have been right on the money.

Shane introduced us last night to Raw Underground. The show within the show took place in what we are supposed to think is the bowels of the Performance Center and featured a ring with no ropes, shady lighting, three female dancers and Shane presiding over the whole thing.

The ‘matches’ that we saw featured a bunch of unknown wrestlers along with huge NXT trainee and former NFL plater Babatunde and randomly, Dolph Ziggler, fighting in an MMA style with Shane declaring the decisions.

Babatunde was given a proper introduction and the name Dabba Kato, which suggests he is now considered a new character on the show going forward.

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It was a strange pivot for sure, with very little idea of whether this is supposed to be an angle or some sort of sub-genre within Raw such as the much-derided 90s concept, Brawl For All.

At the end of the show, The Hurt Business team of MVP, Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin made their way down to Shane’s den to show their dominance in the new arena to stand tall.

It’s fair to say Raw Underground was….a thing. We wait with open minds as to what this concept will become in the future. We can only hope it is more NXT Fight Pit than Brawl For All.

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