Seth Rollins Names Four Superstars Who Have Upped Their Game In WWE During COVID-19 Pandemic

In an interview this weekend, ‘The Monday Night Messiah’ Seth Rollins has professed his admiration for four WWE superstars in particular who have raised their game this year.

Seth Rollins vs Aleister Black

Photo Credit: WWE

Seth Rollins is one of the superstars who should be most frustrated by the lack of crowds at WWE events since March.

After his lacklustre face run, Rollins turned heel in spectacular fashion at the end of 2019. His deranged ‘Monday Night Messiah’ character has been genuinely one of the best heel characters WWE have presented in years. If fans were still in the buildings right now, that act would be getting off the charts heat. You can almost feel it if you close your eyes and think, can’t you?

But as much as Rollins has upped his game in the last 9 months, he believes there are several superstars that have really showed what they are capable of since WWE began taping all of their television programming at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

In an interview this weekend with TalkSPORT, the former WWE Universal Champion picked out for superstars, two men and two women, who have taken the opportunity afforded to them by a limited roster to show what they can do.

On the two male superstars who have impressed him these last few months, Rollins had this to say:

“I think the two guys that have stood out to me the most are Aleister Black and my disciple Murphy. These guys obviously had a rivalry some time back and put on some incredible performances, so you could see both of them are super talented and super hungry to get to the next level, and that’s continued through this very strange time that we’re in where we have no audience. Murphy has really stepped up and has tried to figure out what his role is and who Murphy is. You have to be patient, there has to be a build, there has to be a story, it has to be the right time. You can’t just put people on TV in prominent positions that nobody knows if you want casual viewers to continue to tune in. It is a process, it’s getting these guys ingratiated with the audience and the viewers who are not necessarily wrestling fans to then put them in positions to be stars. They’ve obviously stepped up.”

Whilst a number of superstars such as Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns have missed a number of months due to COVID-19 related concerns, a few others have been absent for other reasons, chief among them Rollins’ fiancee Becky Lynch.

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Lynch announced in May that she is pregnant with her and Rollins’ first child and she announced an immediate and indefinite leave of absence to focus on motherhood.

At the same time, the other pillar of the women’s division, Charlotte Flair has also been away from TV, leaving a huge hole in the women’s division that could have proved difficult to handle.

Photo Credit: WWE

Thankfully for WWE and their fans, two women in particular have stepped up in a major way and Rollins also gave them huge credit for their work. Those two women are of course the two ‘golden role models” Sasha Banks and Bayley:

“I think it’s no secret that Bayley and Sasha [Banks] have done their god damnedest to fill in with Becky being out and the women’s division just being wide open. Charlotte Flair being out now too. The women have been lagging behind Becky and Charlotte for some time and now it’s time for them to step up and do their thing. Asuka has stepped up too, as well, but I do think Bayley and Sasha have been great. They’ve filled that void as best as they possibly can and have been working like crazy as Tag Team champs and now RAW and SmackDown champs.”

WWE are in significant need of new stars so the contributions of these four, and others including Rollins himself and Asuka have been key. Let us all hope that those contributions are remembered and recognised as the rosters begin to return to normality later this year.

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