Rusev Says Vince McMahon Believed Fans Chanting ‘Rusev Day’ Were Mocking Him

Former WWE superstar Rusev (Miro) appeared on Ryback’s podcast recently to suggest Vince McMahon believed ‘Rusev Day’ fans were actually mocking him.


Photo Credit: WWE

Miro (Formerly Rusev in WWE) recently appeared on the Ryback podcast with some very interesting insight into his interactions with Vince McMahon.

Before his release in April, Miro was one of a number of superstars on the roster to garner incredible fan support despite the company seeming reluctant to give him the push that his fan backing seemed to warrant.

Miro recalls how WWE Chairman Vince McMahon told him fans were actually mocking him when they chanted ‘Rusev Day’. He said:

“I had a conversation with Vince and he told me that with Rusev Day, they were just mocking me, they didn’t mean it. In my mind, I knew it wasn’t true. They started putting my segments early so the ‘Rusev Day’ chants would go away. I was not even supposed to be on WrestleMania, the year I lost to Jinder.”

If there is any truth in that statement then it is a remarkable observation on McMahon’s part. It goes without saying that Miro is an expert worker (And that’s a compliment), whose income currently relies on staying in the headlines. Quotes like these, whether true or not, certainly help in that regard.

Rusev also commented on Vince’s apparent opinion on the ‘Rusev Day’ merchandise sales. Was the sell out a credit to The Bulgarian Brute? Or did they WWE merchandising department just not make enough? Miro picked up the story:

“When Vince said the second time, ‘they’re fucking with you,’ I said, ‘Vince, we have sold out all of our merchandise.’ ‘What do you mean?’ ‘The shirt is sold out.’ ‘Well, maybe they didn’t make enough.’ ‘They didn’t make enough shirts, that’s why it’s sold out? Not because we’re doing good? Really?’”

Rusev left WWE on the so-called ‘Black Wednesday’ on April 15th with a number of other talent, including his former on-screen partner, Aiden English.

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Since that time, he has apparently shown no inclination to sign with another company, instead dedicating his time to launching a career as a full-time Twitch streamer. Time will tell whether this is a long-term career move or simply a smoke-screen for an exciting re-emergence in wrestling.

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