Rumour: Iconic Wrestling Personality Eric Bischoff To Debut On AEW Dynamite This Week

A very credible source is reporting a spoiler that Eric Bischoff, one of the biggest names in the last three decades of wrestling, will be appearing on AEW Dynamite.

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AEW have never been shy in using major names from the past on their weekly programming and on PPV.

Legends like Bret Hart, Jake Roberts, Taz, Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson have been used to one degree or another and for the most part, their use has been handled very well and helped add credibility to their new stars.

According to a post on Reddit by a user named SpaceForce1, another new name will appear on Dynamite this week.

And that name is Eric Bischoff!

SpaceForce1 has a strong track record with AEW spoilers. They previously revealed the results of Fyter Fest Part 2 with complete accuracy so it would be fair to take this to as close to confirmed as a spoiler can be.

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Bischoff has previously been disparaging about AEW but seemed to bury the hatchet with the company when owner Tony Khan made a promotional appearance on Bischoff’s ’83 Weeks’ podcast to promote the recent Fight For The Fallen.

Bischoff has been a successful executive and on screen figure in wrestling for decades. After starting his career in wrestling with the AWA, Bischoff joined WCW and rose to the role of president. He was in charge during the time where WCW overtook WWE to become the world’s most successful wrestling promotion in the late 1990s.

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Later on he joined WWE purely in an on-air role as the General Manager of Monday Night Raw. He departed this role in 2005 and spent two years associated with TNA Wrestling between 2010-2012.

Other than his successful podcast, Bischoff’s last direct role in wrestling was when he was hired amidst great fanfare by WWE as the first Executive Director of SmackDown.

The role was a fleeting one with Bischoff joining the company in July 2019 and replaced by Bruce Pritchard in October of the same year.

It was not a successful appointment. Bischoff himself said the following about his brief assignment:

“I knew about six weeks in, eight weeks in, it just wasn’t going to work out and I knew I wasn’t fitting and it wasn’t a secret. It just wasn’t right. I had to fit in the system and I wasn’t able to do it in the timeline it needed to be done.”

Renowned wrestling journalist Brian Alvarez reported that he had heard ‘zero good things’ about Bischoff’s latest WWE stint.

It will be interesting to see if Bischoff has an ongoing role with AEW or whether this will be a one time appearance.

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