Roundtable: WWE SummerSlam 2020 Predictions

WWE SummerSlam takes place this weekend from the Amway Center in Orlando. It is a great looking card and we asked the Hooked On team to predict the outcomes.

SummerSlam 2020 - Sasha Banks vs Asuka

We asked the Hooked On team to go beyond the THUNDERDOME and give us their predictions for SummerSlam this weekend.

Please note, these predictions were made before the broadcast of WWE SmackDown on Friday August 21st.

Want to make your own predictions and compete against fellow fans? Our SummerSlam prediction contest is live now at this link.

WWE Championship Match: Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Randy Orton

Paul Benson: I’m truly conflicted on this one both on what I want and what I expect. On one hand, McIntyre has been a genuinely fantastic champion and keeping that run going would be a benefit for all concerned. On the other hand, Orton has been at a career best this year and fully deserves a run with the gold. It’s a great position to be in. My gut feeling says Orton wins and Drew gets the big win down the line when crowds are back. That would seem fairest and best plan all round.

Ash Rose: Arguably the two hottest acts in the men’s division right now and a real first big fight feel for Drew’s title run. I like this bout because not only do I expect it to be a great story and a great match, but it’s actually hard to call – which again is a first for Drew. If they want to cement McIntyre as THE champ, a win over a Randy Orton who’s on career-best levels of form right now would be the ideal way to do it. I think Drew wins, but it might be by DQ and we see these two go again. 

Steve Cox: Orton’s in killer mode, he’s been punting legends, cutting promos and generally being a nasty piece of work. He’s exactly what Drew needs to be facing right now.  It’s no secret that it’s been a tough job, but Drew’s been giving it his absolute best and to me, he’s done very well.  I can’t see them taking the title of him at the moment.  I expect he’ll get some time in big arenas with the championship belt before it gets taken off him.

Cameron Bennett: Gotta go with Big Drew in this one. I don’t think it’s quite the time to dethrone the Scot and Randy Orton has a date with Edge in the near future.

Marc Hemingway: This rivalry feels very forced to me so it has to be building up to Drew beating Randy. The whole ‘saviour of Ric Flair/Shawn Michaels’ thing is to give their match a meaning and that meaning is ‘McIntyre is the hero the WWE needs’. Feeling a bit Reigns-y to me, and because of that no way Orton will win. Drew wins via Claymore and a pin.

Charlie Charles: This is a tough one because both Orton and McIntryre have had a great year so far, and both of them have risen to the occasion during the pandemic.  I can’t see this match ending this storyline, so I’m going to with the thinking of McIntyre ‘snapping’ in the match, and Orton winning by disqualification, furthering his claim to another match down the line for the WWE Championship. 

Universal Championship Match: Braun Strowman (c) vs. The Fiend

Paul Benson: Three weeks ago, this feud was a dead duck. Totally flat and devoid of interest. With the addition of Alexa Bliss and the attitude tweaks of both participants, the corpse is now more than twitching. It’s positively Weekend At Bernie’s stuff!

That said, my interest is still relatively low. I suspect Braun retains but I say it with little confidence and to be honest, little interest.

Ash Rose: The addition of Alexa Bliss and a hairless Braun have suddenly taken this feud up a notch and this is a match I’m really looking forward to now. I don’t think they’ve quite built on the history between the pair as much as I would have liked, but seeing Strowman go full on ‘monster’ is exactly what his character needed. I fancy a title change here, with Wyatt’s mind games getting the better of the champion and reclaiming his blue belt. 

Steve Cox: I’ve lost track of what’s going on here.  I love the Fiend, and love Braun but some of the stuff that’s been going on is a bit… too far for me.  This should be a great knock down drag out from two young bucks with a bit of magic.  But by this point I’m expecting all Magic, no substance.  Both have the power to prove me wrong and I hope they do! Strowman to retain.

Meiko Satomura Wins the NXT UK Women’s Championship

Cameron Bennett: This is a tough one but I’m going with Strowman via Alex Bliss based shenanigans. Expect lots of spookiness and, if I’m right, a very disappointed Cameron.

Marc Hemingway: Summerslam: Mind Games! Alexa Bliss is going to play a part here, towards the end of the match she’ll appear as Sister Abigail (like in the swamp match) but it’s going to be to distract Bray and will have been planned by Team Little Big so that Braun gets the win by pinball. 

Charlie Charles: It’s got to be The Fiend taking this victory.  In light of it being acknowledged that WWE don’t really do long term storylines, this one has had a few layers to it, where two out of three of Wyatt’s altered egos haven’t been able conquer Strowman. They have saved the best until last, and I’m expecting a twist of ‘Bliss’ in the outcome of this one.

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match: Bayley (c) vs. Asuka

Paul Benson: Just when we thought they had cancelled the Banks/Bayley split, they suck us back in. it turns out they were just letting the traditional style of tension simmer down while they built to something more layered and original. I think Bayley wins here through interference from Banks. More to add below…

Ash Rose: I Almost feel like lumping both women’s title matches together, as you can copy and paste the same for both The Golden Role Models. Both Bayley and Sasha have been killing it across both brands recently and fully deserve to be all over this show. It’s not where we thought we’d be come SummerSlam – I’m sure the original plan was a Sasha face-turn to face Bayley in her hometown of Boston – but it’s an act that is totally owning WWE right now. As for Asuka, it’s clear the company have faith in her, but I can see some shenanigans from each of the champs in both matches meaning she comes up short once again. 

Steve Cox: I am expecting Asuka to walk away with a belt.  Whoever faces her first I think will lose and then Bayley/Sasha will help the other retain, I’m hoping Sasha will retain with Bayley losing so they can continue building to the Sashley Powers Exploding.

Cameron Bennett: I have a story in my head so my next 2 predictions are sort of 1 prediction. In this match I pick Bayley with some help from Sasha Banks which goes straight into her match where the winner will be…. 

Marc Hemingway: If this one goes on first, Bayley will retain due to outside interference from Sasha Banks. If it goes on second then Bayley would’ve helped Sasha retain and would expect Sasha to do the same here but it goes wrong and Asuka submits Bayley to win the title. Bayley blames Banks before boisterously berating and building the budding betrayal. 

Charlie Charles: I’m going to go against the grain here, and predict that Bayley will in actual fact lose the SmackDown Women’s Championship, only to recapture the title in the very near future.

Raw Women’s Championship Match: Sasha Banks (c) vs. Asuka

Paul Benson: To continue from above. Asuka wins here and it’s down to Bayley NOT interfering. This will lead directly into their tag title defence at Payback and then a proper feud soon thereafter

Ash Rose: Pretty much what I said above. I expect two very good bouts from these three, but Bayley and Sasha are so hot right now it makes sense to keep the straps on them both. After all, it be nice for Banks to finally retain a championship! 

Steve Cox: See above.

Cameron Bennett: …. Asuka, as Bayley refuses to help her partner as Bayley dos Straps is the only dos strapper allowed in her mind. 

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Marc Hemingway: As above but with Sasha and Bayley’s names reversed. 

Charlie Charles: Linking on from my prediction for the SmackDown Women’s Championship match, it will be too predictable if Sasha Banks were to lose the title to Asuka, so I’m looking for the upset of the night with some assistance here for Banks to retain the Raw Women’s Championship.

United States Championship Match: Apollo Crews vs. MVP

Paul Benson: Not a huge amount you say about this. It seems obvious. The rest of The Hurt Business are barred from ringside so we will get a new member helping MVP win the title. Maybe in the form of Cedric Alexander.

Ash Rose: Who’d have thought one of the MVP’s of 2020, would be MVP! He and The Hurt Business have been all over Monday Night Raw and given a spotlight to a number of stars somewhat under-utilised. With Benjamin and Lashley banned from ringside on this one, I’m predicting we see a new member of the group (Cedric Alexander?) come and help MVP take the gold off Apollo. 

Steve Cox: MVP has absolutely lived up to his name here, he’s helped make Apollo mean so much more than he did on his own.  So much so he’s cemented himself into a job, he simply brings everyone around him up a level or two.  I think Apollo’s stock is rising and it would be silly to take the belt off him, that said MVP would make a fine champion with his stable behind him so never say never.  Apollo chasing well afterwards could keep him in the spotlight. So I’m taking a punt on MVP winning gold.

Cameron Bennett: This is another tough one to call. The Hurt Business need some gold to add to their momentum but I don’t think an ageing, albeit very game, MVP should be the man to hold it, especially at the expense of Apollo but I’m still going MVP.

Marc Hemingway: I like Apollo Crews but he’s going to lose the belt to MVP. Any new faction needs to start winning some gold (not counting the 24/7 championship here) and the US title is a good start for the Hurt Business. MVP to win.

Charlie Charles: I’m predicting that Apollo Crews will retain the United States Championship, and will have an ongoing feud with the Hurt Business into the autumn, where I’m expecting new members to be added to the faction.

Raw Tag Team Championship Match: The Street Profits (c) vs. Andrade & Angel Garza

Paul Benson: If I had to rank this card in terms of interest level, this is propping up the rest. I just haven’t found a reason to care about The Street Profits yet. I just think they’re comedy buffoons. As for their opponents, every time I watch them I just badly want Andrade to be given the push he deserves. The man is a star in waiting. Title change I think.

Ash Rose: Given the hokey poison storyline going into this I can’t see anything other than The Street Profits retaining and gaining their revenge on Zelina and her crew. This could pave the way for the actual break-up of Andrade/Garza and see them feuding into Payback….a week later.  

Steve Cox: Two good teams, hoping this should be a pretty solid match.  Am expecting some shenanigans from Zelina which will work out for once and allow her team to take the titles.

Cameron Bennett: Andrade and Garza here, expect some poison and maybe a flying batchelorette. 

Marc Hemingway: I struggle to get interested in the Street Profits or Andrade or Garza. Zelina Vega and Bianca Belair will be involved without a doubt and I think it’ll cost the Profits the titles. New tag champions. 

Charlie Charles: The Street Profits will retain the Raw Tag Team Championship (but only just) and Andrade and Angel Garza’s partnership will implode in a big way here.

Street Fight: Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins

Paul Benson: Now we have got past the eye-for-an-eye nonsense, this feud has become seriously interesting. Rollins’ heel character is god-level awesome right now and I can’t imagine how over it would be in front of fans. Dominik has played his role really well too. He looks overmatched and he should be. He’s an impulsive kid letting his emotions get the better of him and taking on a dangerous man. It really is good stuff. Rollins to win after Dom’s had makes his presence felt.

Young Bucks Interfere In Championship Match, Kenny Omega Retains, Sami Callihan Fired

Ash Rose: A story arc that began the night after Survivor Series reaches SummerSlam with possibly the most intriguing match on the card. Props to everyone involved in this story, because ping-pong ball eye aside, the performances from Seth, Rey and particularly Dominik have been outstanding. The street fight stip of course gives Dom some leeway in his first big match, where I expect we’ll see a classic underdog outing from him but ultimately not enough to outsmart the sneaky and maniacal Seth. 

Steve Cox: This has potential to be a sleeper match. Seth can ‘carry’ anyone and make them look good and while Dominik is new to the game, he’s had plenty of training and I think this may end up in ‘videotaped’ segments to cover some stuff up too, with the right magic it could be a good one.  Expect lots of weapons, lots of ‘ooooh’s’ and ‘aaah’s’ and plenty of NO DQ crazyness. Rollins to win.

Cameron Bennett: Seth wins here. Rey gets decimated because Dominik lays down as he sees The Greater Good.

Marc Hemingway: As basic as it sounds, it depends on Dominik’s appearance as to who I think will win. At the moment he’s very much the ‘son of Rey’ and doesn’t have his own image. I think that if he comes out in a Lucha mask, taking respectful inspiration from his father and Luchas everywhere, it’ll go a fair way to showing him as an actual wrestler instead of some random kid. If Dominik comes out in his regular clothes: Seth wins. If Dominik debuts a decent look: Dominik wins (with a lot of interference. He won’t win it alone.)

Charlie Charles: I’m trying to think where this story will go after SummerSlam. Because of the street fight rules, I’m not expecting a clean victory of any sorts, and I’m going to go with Dominik Mysterio picking up a victory here, and eventually turning heel and joining forces with Seth Rollins and company.

Hair vs. Hair Match: Mandy Rose vs. Sonya Deville

Paul Benson: Putting aside the horrific incident these two women endured in their personal lives last weekend, let’s assume this match goes on as planned. I’m liking this for the most part. The rivalry feels intense and real. Which is a credit to both considering how close they are in real life. Sonya has really impressed me and has come into her own as this feud has progressed. Mandy too has really sold the rivalry. Nobody is buying she is suddenly ‘ugly’ because she has a bit of hair chopped off but what can you do? My guess is Sonya loses her locks here, mainly because it will make her look badass but it would harm Mandy’s personal brand away from wrestling. Cynical but true.

Ash Rose: Classic SummerSlam fodder type of a stipulation that brings back memories of when Molly Holly shed her locks in the name of sports entertainment at WrestleMania XX. Sonya has really come into her own since splitting from Mandy and I see her as a future world Champ at some point, however given the way the story goes and the nature of these matches, I can only see a post-match clipping for Deville on Sunday. 

Steve Cox: Sonya Deville will look like a badass killer bald.  That’s my only comment on this. Mandy wins.

Cameron Bennett: I have no story line implications here or any insite based therein. I just think Sonya would look amazing bald so I’m picking Mandy to win. 

Marc Hemingway: Mandy wins by pinfall. Sonya would suit short hair. 

Charlie Charles: I’m going with Mandy Rose for the victory here, simply on the basis that Sonya Deville will look ‘the part’ of a good heel with short hair.

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