Rey Mysterio Mask Filter Now Available On Social Media

WWE have announced the launch of a new social media filter to allow users to add Rey Mysterio’s iconic mask to their Facebook & Instagram photos.

Rey Mysterio

When it comes to silly social media fads, we are suckers for doing it to death until our friends threaten to delete our number if we send one more photo with big teeth and dog ears.

Well friends, you had better but that delete key because WWE just announced the release of a Rey Mysterio filter on Instagram and Facebook.

We will let the press release quote below five you the full details but in short, you have five iconic Mysterio masks to choose from including the one he wore for his return to WWE at the 2018 Royal Rumble.

Send us yours on Twitter or Instagram and we will share them all.

To get the filter, just click this link from your smartphone.’s article reads as follows:

WWE is excited to announce its new Rey Mysterio mask filter, available now on WWE’s official Instagram account.

With this filter, users can choose from five different models of The Master of the 619’s mask, representative of the best moments of his career. Up to five people can use the filter on the same photo or video. Share the photo on Instagram and/or Facebook, or save it on your phone to share it on all your social media accounts.

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