RETRIBUTION May Not Be As It Seems

After rampant speculation as to who are under the masks in WWE’s new REDEMPTION faction, it seems that any guesses made so far may be completely wide of the mark.


According to reports, speculation about the identity of WWE’s new RETRIBUTION stable may be wide of the mark.

The group first appeared on Raw, throwing Molotov Cocktails at a generator in the car park as well as presumably being behind the strange goings-on such as the flickering lights and mic cuts throughout the show.

They then made a much more impactful debut on the following Smackdown last Friday, coming out in masks and black clothing and chasing off all personnel, laying out some members of the audience, and destroying the ring with a chainsaw.

They also appeared this week on Raw and were seen turning over a car and generally making a nuisance of themselves.

People have been speculating who the members of the group are under their masks. Names like Vanessa Bourne and Chelsea Green were speculated following Smackdown due to resemblance in both hair and eyes during certain shots.

According to Dave Meltzer however, WWE could be pulling the ol’ bait and switch on us all. Meltzer stated on his Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast that he was outright told that the people on Smackdown were NOT the final members of the group.

It is even possible that WWE have not fully decided who will be part of the group yet. We should find out clearer information over the coming weeks.

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