RETRIBUTION Hijacks The Main Event Of WWE Raw

Last night’s ‘In Your Face’ episode of Raw ended in chaos when WWE’s two major factions made their presence felt in the main event of the night.

Keith Lee Lays Everyone Out

RETRIBUTION made their presence felt in the biggest fashion in weeks on this week’s episode of WWE Raw.

Following on from Cedric Alexander pinning Ricochet after a big Lumbar Check, the Hurt Business (not including Bobby Lashley) stood tall in the ring when the lights went out and the RETRIBUTION logo appeared.

Then RETRIBUTION appeared on the screen and, amongst other things, say they “are the product of empty promises, lies, and betrayal.” They then go on to finish with “while you enjoy your last days of oblivion, RETRIBUTION is preparing to show you exactly who they are.” Hinting at a reveal of the faction.

Later in the night, during the main event Keith Lee took on Drew McIntyre in a non-title match. After a lot of big moves and close falls both men found themselves on the canvas after they simultaneously went for a crossbody attempt and collide in mid-air.

From the crowd, RETRIBUTION approached and surrounded the ring, Lee and McIntyre tried to fight them off but are overcome by the numbers of the newest faction and are beaten down before the Hurt Business showed up on the ramp and ran down to confront RETRIBUTION.

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It seemed that RETRIBUTION were getting the upper hand on MVP, Cedric Alexander, Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin until, differences put aside for now, both Drew McIntyre and Keith Lee launched themselves over the top rope and took out everyone at ringside as Raw went off the air.

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