Report: WWE’s Latest COVID-19 Outbreak ‘Could Be In The Two Dozen Range’

A number of WWE talent have tested positive for COVID-19 after the latest round of company tests. A report is suggesting these cases could number a significant percentage of the roster.

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Credit: WWE

WWE is dealing with another large scale COVID-19 outbreak amongst its roster.

On Wednesday it was speculated that the number of positive tests was three. Since then, a report from PWInsider states that they have been told by a company source that the outbreak could in fact number ‘In the two dozen range’

Either way, this is likely to cause disruption to WWE’s already fragmented taping schedule as talent testing positive will need to be isolated and all other talent in contact with them will need testing.

PWInsider also reports that going forward, friends and family of talent will not be in the crowd as per the previous two tapings, in an effort to strengthen the bubble in which the roster are currently operating.

Amidst several COVID-19 surges in several US states, Florida, where WWE has taped all their programming since March, is one of the hotspots with over 103,000 confirmed cases of the virus.

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