Report: WWE Add Mystery PPV Just One Week After SummerSlam. Is All As It Seems?

According to reports, WWE have added another PPV on to the calendar just one week after SummerSlam. But is all as it seems?

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With WWE getting ready for SummerSlam on Sunday August 23rd, it looks like WWE are planning to add another extra event just one week later.

According to the well sourced Twitter account, WrestleVotes, the company plan to hold Payback on Sunday August 30th.

The reasons for this addition are unclear as it leaves WWE with an incredibly small amount of time to build to the second event after SummerSlam is in the books. It seems unlikely and messy that they would have two PPVs utilising the same roster so close together.

One potential wrinkle could be that Payback is a red herring. The last time WWE held two major events so close together was in 2018.

The Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia was held on November 2nd. A mere five days before that on Sunday October 28th, what event took place?


Rumours have swirled that WWE would be holding another Evolution PPV this year but these reports have been denied off the record. Could it be that WWE have been trying to keep their cards very close to their chest before announcing this event, including sleight of hand on the confirmed date?

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With little over 3 weeks until SummerSlam, we can only imagine that the true plans will become clear in the very near future.

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