Report: WarnerMedia Management Change Could Affect AEW?

A senior executive at WarnerMedia has left the company, who according to reports was instrumental with his support for AEW.

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Although we hope it will not affect the support AEW receives from TNT, there has been a huge shakeup in the WarnerMedia management structure.

Kevin Reilly, who joined the network as Head Of TNT AND TBS in 2014 and then moved on to Head Of Content for WarnerMedia, has left the organisation.

This is being reported in a Variety article, with Dave Meltzer commenting that this could be huge given the support Reilly had for AEW.

There is also a chance that the new structure could benefit AEW going forwards, however there will no doubt be some caution amongst the company’s management if Reilly was as big a supporter as Meltzer claims.

Deals like those between AEW and TNT are often at least partly based on personal relationships between executives, not just the content. Reilly’s response is certainly a blow to AEW. Bud it the relationship with WarnerMedia, you have to imagine that there would be many other interested parties willing to step in based on their strong ratings over the last 11 months.

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