Report: Rey Mysterio ‘Staying’ With WWE Despite AEW Interest

With Dominik Mysterio set for SummerSlam action, it seems his papi will officially be back with the company sooner rather than later despite interest from the competitio

Rey Mysterio

It’s been well documented that Rey Mysterio has been appearing without a WWE contract whilst the two sides work on a new deal.

However, according to the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter, the deal for the master of the 619 is “as close to official without confirmation”.

I can’t confirm pen to paper, but Rey Mysterio is staying, as was always the betting line outcome of this, but it’s as close as official without confirmation of it being official, and obviously Dominik is a big part of that deal.

It also appears that AEW made an attempt to reach out to Mysterio, trying to match the deal he has been offered from Stamford.

AEW made an offer that equalled the WWE’s per-match offer, but the WWE offer was higher because it was for more dates.

The combination of having his son competing at SummerSlam could potentially supersede the extra dates and money which comes from them, however the combination makes it fairly clear that Mysterio will be back with his re-insterted eye on WWE television soon.

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