Report: AEW Release Three British Wrestlers

AEW have reportedly come to terms on the release of three wrestlers. The talent in question have been removed from the roster page on the company website.

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Credit: AEW

It is being reported by numerous sources that AEW have released several talent from their contracts with the company.

Jimmy Havoc, Bea Priestley and Sadie Gibbs have reportedly left the company.

No official confirmation has been released by the company but all three have been removed from the AEW website roster page.

Photo Credit: AEW

I’m addition, Gibbs herself has confirmed her release on social media.

All three wrestlers are British and none have wrestled for the company in some time.

Havoc has been absent from the company since June. He was sent to rehab by the company in the wake of allegations related to the ‘Speaking Out’ movement in June. AEW suggested his status with the company would be reviewed in due course and they have now clearly decided to end their working relationship.

Priestly has not wrestled for the company since March and Gibbs since October. Both are UK based making it particularly difficult for them to appear for the company in the light of the COVID-19 induced global travel bans.

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Gibbs and Priestley reportedly had an altercation backstage at last year’s All Out PPV with Gibbs swinging a punch at Priestley.

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