Report: Adam Pearce’s Positive COVID-19 Test Causing Significant Concern Within WWE

Reports in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter suggest that Adam Pearce’s recent positive COVID-19 case may be causing particular concern within WWE management.

Adam Pearce

WWE producer Adam Pearce confirmed this week that he has tested positive for COVID-19. Reports from various sources that his case could be one of anything up to 30 positive results from recent rounds of testing.

This week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter suggests that Pearce’s concern is causing particular concern.

It is said that in his producer role, Pearce works closer than most with a number of individuals who could be considered higher risk from Coronavirus infection than most.

Amongst those names are Bruce Prichard (57, with a history of heart issues), Vince McMahon (74) and Ric Flair (71 with well documented serious health issues) all reportedly spent significant time with Pearce this last week.

Whilst this close contact may simply be an assumption based on limited knowledge of WWE’s recent taping methods, if true, it would be cause for particular concern as all three would be considered particularly vulnerable to the virus.

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