Report: Adam Cole Vs Pat McAfee At NXT TakeOver Had Little Preparation

Many were amazed how the Adam Cole Vs Pat McAfee contest excelled at NXT TakeOver XXX, but it would seem the circumstances were even more remarkable.

Adam Cole & Pat McAfee

There can be no doubt that, whether you like his attitude or not, Pat McAfee pulled out all the stops in his debut match at NXT: TakeOver XXX.

Although it was Adam Cole who picked up the victory, McAfee showed he had the credentials to make it as a star alongside supreme confidence with his top rope antics – in particular his leap from the ring straight to the top rope, which has a huge chance of going wrong.

To make this even more incredible, Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer is reporting that the pair did not have any in-ring time before the contest.

From what I’m told they did not even rehearse this match. I heard that they just went in there and did it because they knew Pat was good and they know Adam is great and even then it exceeded. They did some really cool stuff.

If this is the case, then even if McAfee planned this as a one-off appearance to be a professional wrestler, many will want him back and set something further up.

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