Renee Young: “Shocking” WWE Continued Taping At Start Of Pandemic

Renee Young’s latest interview has been very revealing of her feelings in the early days of the pandemic and how she was treated by WWE, whilst also confirming how much better testing is now.

Renee Young

With Renee Young now done with WWE (albeit subject to a long no-compete clause), the commentator has discussed the circumstances surrounding the confirmation that she had Coronavirus.

Young spoke to Sports Illustrated about how the WWE PR team weren’t happy with her personal confirmation of infection.

When I tweeted that I had it, I wasn’t doing it as, like, “I GOT COVID.” That was not my MO when I tweeted. It was mostly, ‘Hey, I have it.’ Also, in case there were people that could’ve been around me and maybe seen that I had it, I felt a responsibility to make sure people knew that I was sick. But, yeah, it was NOT well received. They weren’t even like ‘You shouldn’t have posted it.’ But it was like, ‘We wish you gave us a heads up.’ It was bad for PR and whatnot.

She also discussed the fact she felt “slighted” by WWE with how little she heard from the organisation once she confirmed that she had COVID-19.

However, Young also made a point of what WWE are doing now to make the environment safer for anything, and how she felt more confident over SummerSlam weekend.

I didn’t really feel like anyone was all that concerned that I got sick. That bothered me for sure. But, you know, it’s hard to say. Again, it’s like, shit, the show goes on and now they’re working at the Amway Center and they’re essentially doing the best that they can NOW. Now doing the proper tests. I think that was something that should’ve been implemented from the beginning. Since everything that’s gone down and however many people ended up getting sick, now it feels like a much safer environment. Even when I was there for SummerSlam, I was definitely less concerned about it knowing that everyone in the building has been properly tested with the nose swab and whatnot.

One point Young did single out is that it seemed “shocking” that she was expected to report for duty as part of a business deemed as essential when there were many other reporters local to the Performance Centre. It was really shocking to see that this was deemed an essential business. That made it seem like, hold on a second here. I was not traveling for a while. I was doing stuff from home. I was like, ‘I just don’t need to be there.’ Especially when you look at what I was going on the shows at that time. … For me to fly from Las Vegas to Orlando when you have Kayla Braxton local in Orlando, you have Sarah Schreiber local in Orlando, Charley Caruso was spending most of her time in Florida, there were hands on deck that didn’t have to travel, so for me to feel like I had to actually still had to get on a plane and go do it was like, “Oh my God. For what? What are we doing here? It felt insane to me.

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