Raven Reveals Who He Thinks Should Have Been Given The Johnny Polo Gimmick

In a recent podcast interview, former ECW Champion Raven talks about who he thinks would have been a success portraying the Johnny Polo character.

Raven As Johnny Polo

Former ECW Champion Raven sat down to be interviewed by the podcast Scheduled for Two Falls this week and discussed, among other things, why he thought Shane McMahon should’ve played the Johnny Polo character in the 90’s and not himself.

‘Johnny Polo’, a spoiled, rich preppy kid, made his debut as the manager of Adam Bomb and would later go on to lead the The Quebecers to three reigns as WWF Tag Team Champions.

“It’s not what I wanted to do; it’s not me. Shane McMahon should have been Johnny Polo.”

He was then asked if his friendship with Shane at that time made Vince McMahon uncomfortable.

“Yeah that’s true. Me and Shane used to be really tight but we drifted apart. He’d go out with me every night. Big heat with Linda and Vince. The boys thought I was kissing ass for my career but it actually killed my career, giving me heat.”

While it’s hard to imagine Raven as anyone other than the ECW legend and 27 time WWE Hardcore champion, it’s not much of a push to imagine Shane playing a spoiled rich kid.

Also in the interview he talks about how he was booked in ECW, whether he can see himself taking on a managerial role in AEW and the drug troubles he had through his career.

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Credit to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.

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