Randy Orton To ‘Slthr’ In To Clothing Business With Launch Of His New Brand

Would you buy a Randy Orton-branded clothing item? These may be worth a ‘punt’…

Randy Orton

Photo Credit: WWE

A few weeks ago Randy Orton posted a video on his official Instagram account of a viper baring its fangs with the caption: “It’s FINALLY happening! Any guesses?”

Today, he’s made the reveal along with a link to the Instagram page @slthrshop.

The Slthr Instagram page shows pictures of t-shirts and hoodies (and a VERY Orton-esque sleeveless hoodie) all with the Slthr logo. Although the items don’t appear to be on sale yet you can sign up to their mailing list to be in the know for when they’re available to buy.

Rumours that the Slthr clothing brand proves that Orton was in Slytherin at Hogwarts are completely unfounded, as is the rumour that the snake and skull motif is taken from the Death Eaters dark mark tattoo.

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