Promoter Gabe Sapolsky Deems Himself Retired Following Sale Of EVOLVE

Following the sale of EVOLVE it would seem Gabe Sapolsky, a cornerstone of independent wrestling since 2002, is stepping away from the industry.

Gabe Sapolsky

Last month it was reported that WWE had purchased EVOLVE, and in the last couple of weeks have started airing a number of the shows on the WWE Network.

Owner and promoter of EVOLVE Gabe Sapolsky, who has also worked extensively with Ring Of Honor, has today released a statement confirming he considers himself retired as a professional wrestling promoter.

EVOLVE was the flagship promotion for The WWN Network, and Sapolsky says his separation from them is a mutual agreement.

With WWN announcing the new Eddie Kingston Grindhouse show on September 26th, it is the right time for me to clearly state I have parted ways with WWN. This is amicable and mutually decided. I look forward to seeing new minds and ideas come to the forefront on the independent scene. I feel Eddie Kingston is perfect to lead the charge.

Sapolsky went on to comment that he “doesn’t miss the day-to-day aspects of running an independent promotion”, at which point he confirmed his stance with stepping away from the business.

I consider myself retired as an independent wrestling promoter and booker. I want to give my most heartfelt and sincere “thank you” to everyone who supported any independent promotion I was associated with over the years. I also give my deepest gratitude to everyone who worked with me.

EVOLVE has been a cornerstone of the independent wrestling scene, especially when working with Ring Of Honor since 2002. He was considered by many as Paul Heyman’s protege, and there will no doubt be many people looking for his advice even if he is not active as a promoter.

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