Popular Former Champion Makes His Return To SmackDown On A Night Of Shocks In WWE

In one of the most eventful episodes of SmackDown in recent years, a former champion made their eagerly awaited return to TV to claim his claim to a championship he feels is rightfully his.

SmackDown ThunderDome Preview

Without question, the major headline coming out of SmackDown was the massive angle that closed the show.

It was far from the only significant development on SmackDown though.

The night also saw the return of the former Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn.

Zayn hasn’t appeared in WWE since April after being reluctant to attend WWE TV tapings due to fear of COVID-19 transmission.

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Similar to Roman Reigns last week, Zayn obviously now feels comfortable enough to get back to work and he appeared on the show on Friday sporting a replica of the Intercontinental championship that he claims never to have lost.

Zayn was in fact stripped of the title in April with a tournament held to crown a successor that was won by AJ Styles. He held the title until last Friday when he was defeated by Jeff Hardy.

Zayn made his return to confront Hardy after a title defence against Zayn’s cohort Shinsuke Nakamura.

Actually, that may well be ex-cohort, as Zayn was firmly given the cold shoulder by SmackDown tag team champions Nakamura and Cesaro later in the show. It remains to be seen what will become of that partnership.

It is obviously great to see Zayn back on screen as the WWE roster slowly edges back to normality. With ‘The Great Liberator’ claiming to have never lost the title, could we be heading towards a decisive ladder match for both belts?

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This would echo the first ever ladder match in WWE as Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon faced the self professed IC Champ Shawn Michaels (Who was officially stripped of the belt due to suspension) at WrestleMania X.

With Hardy arguably the most exciting ladder match performer in history and Zayn being the innovative, exciting worker that he is, the prospect is mouth watering.

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