NXT UK Set To Relaunch With New Music

Upcoming UK metallers Wargasm are set to soundtrack the re-launch of NXT:UK.


Credit: WWE

NXT UK makes its grand return September 17th and the whole show is in for an overhaul.

First of all is the new set, built in the BT Sports Studios in south-east London which looks every bit as polished as one would expect from WWE.

In addition to this new look, NXT UK is also getting a new soundtrack in the form of ‘God of War’ by rising UK metal band Wargasm.

Metal Hammer reported the news along with an interview with the band.

We came to our manager and said at the beginning of the year: ‘We want to do something with WWE’

Wargasm Bassist/Vocalist Milkie Way

The track sounds very much in vein with early 2000’s nu metal, a genre much maligned in pop culture, but which seems to be a perfect fit for wrestling with its heavy rhythms and driving basslines.

If you’re doing this kind of rock music, a little more groove based, it dips into nu metal and stuff like that… it’s built for walk-on music.

Wargasm Guitarist Sam Matlock
God of War by Wargasm: the latest song to be used as an intro for NXT: UK

What do you think? Can this track live up to the standards set by NXT in the past? Will we be speaking of Wargasm in the annals of great WWE Themes? Or is it a damp squib that fails to even get hyped, let alone stay hyped?

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