NXT Superstars Given New Ring Names Ahead Of ‘Superstar Spectacle’

Six wrestlers will be going into the WWE India special this month re-branded.


As we previously reported, the upcoming ‘Superstar Spectacle’ India special will take place on January 26th and it seems several NXT wrestlers are being renamed.

According to the updated WWE Performance Centre website, the following stars have new monikers.

  • Gurvinder Singh – now Dilsher Shanky
  • Sukhwinder Grewal – now Giant Zanjeer
  • Laxmi Kant Rajpoot – now Guru Raaj
  • Tony Gill (Gursinder Singh when he was in IMPACT) – now Rohan Raja
  • Josh Briggs – now Joshua Bruns
  • Emily Andzulis – now Ivy Nile

Not to be outdone by name changes, on NXT UK this week the former Sha Samuels made his debut as Ed Harvey before retconning it back in the middle of the match.

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