NWA Owner Billy Corgan Comments On Future Of The Promotion

NWA owner and Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has taken to Instagram to comment on recent rumours that the promotion may not return from its pandemic enforced hiatus.

Billy Corgan

Yesterday we ran a story about the future of the NWA in the light of David Lagana’s recent departure.

Former ECW superstar Raven made his beliefs known that owner Billy Corgan had pulled the plug on the company.

We were careful at the time to point out the unreliability of the source. It was hoped that rather than be the last word on the situation, Raven’s comments would instead prompt a more concrete response from inside the National Wrestling Alliance. And it has.

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Corgan took to his Instagram to thank fans for their interest but pour cold water on the rumours that he would fold the promotion.

His strong statement made clear that although the company was facing challenges due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, they would be back in due course.

Fans will be delighted to hear Corgan come out so clearly on this issue. Their weekly YouTube show, NWA Powerrr has been warmly received by fans who would have been sorely disappointed to see it bite the dust.

So the message is clear. The NWA is not dead. It is merely hibernating.

As Corgan’s IG account is set to private, we can’t show the post on this page. The full transcript of the post is below:

A quick note about the National Wrestling Alliance, which I fought for, and won ownership of a few years back. We are NOT shutting down. So please disregard any and all rumor to effect. The @NWA is not and will not be for sale, and those talent who are under contract remain under contract for a reason: which is that we at the NWA are trying to figure out a way to provide our great fans with wrestling content in a very, very tough environment. And, most importantly, keep our talent safe and the standard of production you’ve come to expect from us at a high level. Anything less, in my opinion, is unacceptable. So yes, appreciate the interest, appreciate the chatter, but don’t appreciate the unsourced rumors and speculation.

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